Week 13/14 – Chapbook

Week 13: I wasn’t in class that day. Seemed like really good feedback went on which I would’ve benefited from. During this week I stumbled onto Kyle Bean’s superstition book which had a lot of interactive elements but I didn’t want to just retread what he did.

Week 14: I presented with a uncompleted mock up. I made another version the next day to hand in late based on what I learned from the previous mock up (which I didn’t get pictures of).

2014-04-09 16.48.432014-04-09 16.49.02

Cover, front end page and title page
MichelleL-SuperstitionChapbook_Page_3 MichelleL-SuperstitionChapbook_Page_4

MichelleL-SuperstitionChapbook_Page_6 MichelleL-SuperstitionChapbook_Page_7

End of book:
Images: I decided to water colour illustrations which I wanted to take up horizontal space in the spreads. For my examples, I chose to do include elements which I could easily repeat for easy placement: Black cats, paw prints, clovers and footprints). As mentioned in my rationale, my endpages were inspired by superstitions involving black cats about how they bring luck when they approach and take luck away when they leave, so I had invoked the same thing in my end pages.

Typography: I used a free font called Sanchez and Myriad Pro for my body text.. I do like the Sanchez but in hindsight it probably wasn’t the best choice. I think it’s fine for my cover, but it didn’t work well with my spreads. Ideally I had wanted to do handdrawn type which I think would’ve worked better with my watercolour illustrations.

Binding/layouting: originally I had handmade it glueing the back of pages together, but for some reason I had not done that with my end pages which was the problem of my previous mock up and I corrected that in my later one. Due to the strange components of my cover (it contains a packet of salt to dispell bad luck), it required diecut and thick layers in the cover. I hadn’t done a lot of book mock up creating in the past. It’s definitely a learning experience.

And that’s the end of Publication Design 2!


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