(backlog) Week 11/12 Project 3 – Chapbook

(I’m combining all of my process into longer posts)

Week 11/12: Choosing topics.

I saw circulating of Barrymore theatre which was performing Macbeth and one of their doors insisted that no one say the name of the play in the threater due to superstition. The post was reblogged with people’s accounts and I wanted to do a chap book based on that. The problem was that, was that the accounts were really written in the form of blog comments which was hard to work with.

My other idea was to do a book of creation myths. I was still deciding on topics into the second week. During the second week I drew some ideas. I thought maybe i could draw parts of the pay which were believed to be the reasons behind the superstitions. One of the beliefs was that the play revealed real witches secrets which is why witches cursed the play.

2014-04-11 23.39.47  an idea I had for a cover

2014-04-11 23.41.10 2014-04-11 23.41.17 2014-04-11 23.41.28
Left to right: my illustration of one of the witches, as I continued to sketch in class I realized I was drawing scenes from the play and not so much the superstitions. Ultimately I moved away from Macbeth but stuck to doing superstitions.


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