(backlog) Week 8-9? – Project 2: Initial explorations

The week before we had visited Canada Wide Media, a publisher of magazines such as BC Business, BC Living and Real Weddings. It was a good experience. We learned the general rundown of deadlines, what is involved in photo shoots and font selection as well as resources that they preferred.

After discussing our visit in class we were left to work on our project. Originally, our idea was to work on a Nylon type magazine to target 20something fashionable women wanting affordable style. We brain stormed ideas for the name of that name and landed on Hazel, which I shortened to HZL and we liked that. The week after we decided we wanted to change our magazine concept and create a fashion magazine focused on Asian (specially Chinese, Japanese, Korean) fashion for Asians living in US or Canada. Here was an unused cover which I toyed with one of our old Hazel logos in a long format.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.52.22 PM

I had liked the long logo format and thought it looked pretty cool, but wasn’t it the best idea as a magazine logo. The particular font I used is too thin although I like long and tall fonts. Also we had to abandon the name anyway.

Karen and I split work out between her doing the spread and I would work on the table of contents. We had the choice of doing a front of book or a feature spread and originally we had toyed with the idea of doing a front of book double spread. Karen worked on that. She liked the circles frames I had in my mood board and wanted to work with that idea. Below is the disgarded WIP front of book spread that she was working on.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.13.03 PM

After that Katie Stewart from Sad Mag came to our class to talk. I found her funny and informative. The class really enjoyed that.


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