GDMA 2200 – Week 4, Project 1: Conclusion and Presentation (and feedback)

Web Newsletter – Events

This newsletter has remained relatively unchanged since last week. What I had in mind was bright colors, attention grabbing headers/call to action, and clear division of categories and articles. The important part was getting information across that is easy to read so I kept the text uncomplicated (and easy to edit), and used banners, colours and small visual accents to add interest. The audience of the events newsletter would be children’s parents.



Web Newsletter – Recommendation (Single focus)

The recommendations newsletter developed from the events newsletter and shares a lot of its elements. I thought the recommendations page would be something that parents would show to their children, so I thought it was important to add some graphic elements to convey information, like icons to represent type of medium (graphic novel) and genre (fantasy)

Feedback: Typesetting could use some touching up. Vector graphics could be changed orange to match the colour scheme?


RPL-printFINAL RPL-printFINAL2Print – Handouts

Looking at the website, I noticed it offered a lot of teen resources such as help with studying and applying to post-secondary, so I had wanted to create handouts as my print component. However, I came to the realization as handouts, it seems more like single feature focused newsletters, so I am seeing how to convert this into more of a brochure/guide for students instead of individual pamphlets (or I could make another e-newsletter to represent the editorial part, and change . This last part of the assignment I spent the least time on and it went through the fewest number of revisions. I would probably see how to develop these future

Feedback: The printed elements lack unity with the web material which has a stronger identity.


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