GDMA 2200 – Week 4, Project 1: Design Development

As mentioned in the previous post, I more or less had decided on a colour scheme for my Richmond Public Library newsletters, and I continued to move things around and tried to create a more dynamic grid.

RPL-enewsletterOLD RPL-enewsletterOLD2 RPL-enewsletterOLD3

Starting from last week’s event focus newsletter, my first decision was that I knew I wanted to get rid of the ribbon. I initially had the ribbon in mind because I thought of bookmarks, but I realized it made designing around it rather awkward (the large space in between “library news” and the rest of the content). Removing the ribbon gave me more freedom with the grid and I see more clearly what parts weren’t really necessary. I also added small details to make my layout less flat.

(The rest is tweaking and finding images.)


My single focus newsletter is a book recommendation. I took the idea (book choice and text)  from the original kids newsletter. I worked on this newsletter alongside the event one and the two went through many of the same changes together (it originally had the ribbon as well). For this I decided I wanted to incorporate iconography to give the reader some information without having to reach it (such as age group, medium, and genre). The bottom is still bare so I’ll be continuing to see if I should be moving things around or add more onto it.
In comparison, I haven’t done much with the printed part of the assignment.


I noticed on the RPL website that it offers teens help with things like studying, applying to post secondary and finding jobs. My idea was to make a flyer or a brochure that teens could pick up in person which would have advice that would be helpful to them. I haven’t figured out what I want my design to look like. I am borrowing the style of the icons I made for my single feature and seeing how that goes.


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